In these pages


The lights are out, the music soft
The effect from the wine is heady
I look around and then next to me
But I know that you’re not ready
For all the things I need to say
In order to clear my doubts
And if keeping them in can stay the pain
Then I’d rather go without

“I can’t stop reading your posts, they are amazing,”
You told me long ago
“I wish I’d known you earlier,” you said
“It’s never too late,” I said, my face aglow
But as the time went by and words turned scarce
I realized I was lost
Because keeping them in did stay the pain
But my peace was what it cost

So I put my pain from pen to paper
And from the floodgates came the words
Yet, from 4744 miles away
The wheels of torture whirred
“How can she write these things?” they squawked and bleated
I felt the walls closing in
Until a voice told me, strong and clear,
“The truth is never a sin.”

Now as I tell the story of us
I see all the things that could have been
But I know that time is a fickle mistress
And the survival of its plague must now begin
So in these pages I will live our lives
My pen will dance to thoughts of you
Until the day that you pick up my book
And decide to see these stories through

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