In their eyes

In my profession, I’ve had to learn to be an observer, to watch people and the way they speak, the way they look, they way they move, around themselves and around other people — all without them noticing that I do it. It has taught me to be perceptive to the slightest change in their body language, their tone of voice, and even their facial expressions.

But it always comes as a surprise when people tell me what they notice about me, especially when they get down to a more personal level and say things like, “You’re very good at hiding your feelings, you know.”

So it threw me for a loop when I saw this last week, in the WhatsApp group conversation I share with Zuien, Edea, Lynda and Farah:


This, by the way, is the photo in question:


I suppose I had reason to be happy. The Miner was back in town after nine weeks of WhatsApp and telephone conversations, and I was actually able to see him and talk to him without the usual distractions that constantly occupy his time and mind.

So I thought no more of it, until this extremely random conversation I had with Nora just last night:


And I think this may have been the photo in question:

not fat!

I would have liked the term ‘skinnier’, but I’ll take ‘serene’, ‘happy’ and ‘almost radiant-like’ any day too.

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