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A couple of weeks ago I attended the official launch of Impressed, Zaida’s new business venture that capitalizes on the current craze going around: cold-pressed juices. Admittedly, it is a craze I subscribe to, mainly because I learned when I interviewed Zaida and her partner Amy for my column inĀ The Star newspaper that a 350ml bottle of cold-pressed juice is the equivalent of 2kg of vegetables, so I figured that’s how I will justify my occasional fast food cravings.

With Malisa at Impressed's first day of business

With Malisa at Impressed’s first day of business

Impressed opened at the NU Sentral mall a month ago, and considering how new it is, it appears to be doing very well already. So it wasn’t entirely a shot-in-the-dark kind of event where nobody knew about the brand or what the product was.

One of the effects of being pathologically punctual is that you will at some point in your life be recruited by your friends to help out with their time-sensitive endeavors. Fortunately, the equally pathological Malisa was also recruited to help with the event setup, so we both got ourselves over to the mall at 9AM, which in hindsight probably worked better for me because I detest parking in malls at regular hours.

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Zaida and Amy

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I will not go into detail the process of setting up for the event or how the event itself went, but it’s safe to say that my years of working in the media and public relations fields have stood me in better stead for event planning than I thought. Either that, or my outfit for the day had me in sudden Stepford wife mode.

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With Malisa, Kaiyisah, Zaida, Kerina and Tasha

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