Impersonalized technology

“‘I’m sorry, I can’t. Don’t hate me.’ The motherfucker’s concise.” – Samantha Jones, Sex & the City

Taken from the Royal Pitches’ Gmail account (sent Wednesday, January 16):


I am currently at work, so I’m finally by a computer with internet. I’m just emailing you all to let you know that I can no longer be in the group. I can see where this probably isn’t the best way to be doing this, but I know people (should) check this account often.

Recently, I’ve picked up another job that is going to turn into a full time in May, and requires a lot of my time. I would love to finish this semester out strong as well, and both those reasons and more makes it difficult to put the Pitches at the top of my priority list, which is unfair to the group. And as selfish as it is, I really need to take the opportunity to pursue job opportunities that will eventually turn full time, considering graduation is in May.

Just so it’s cleared, there are no personal qualms, I love you all, and appreciate the experience you’ve given me. It really kills me to give up on something that I love doing, with amazing people.

I’d still love to pick up the sweatshirt, if I still can.

You all have my number and Facebook, let us not lose touch. Good luck to those graduating, and good luck at competition. I feel bad leaving you guys so close to such an important event, but I’d hate to let you down at competition. I am sure I will see you all at Chips events, maybe around their house, and I will definitely be supporting you girls at concerts and events.

No hard feelings. Please call or email me if need be.

I’m sorry,


This is almost tantamount to Carl walking out my front door with an “I love you. See you later,” and proceeding to drop off the face of the earth. As Maddi put it, “NO she will NOT get a sweatshirt!” And as Aziza put it, “Honestly, this doesn’t hurt our sound at all.” And of course, upon hearing the news, Jeremy had to throw in his two cents: “She couldn’t even do it in rehearsal; I was like pussy!”

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