I’m listening

“Look — look where you’ve been dragging yourself off to all these months, and all for someone else. Walk away if you like, or stay where you are, it doesn’t bloody matter. Nothing’s going to change the way you feel, you know that. So now just do something about it!” – Becca

As though I needed another reminder.

She was right. She was absolutely right.

It doesn’t matter what has been said or done.

Everything I had planned to do, all the resolutions I had made, and all the mistakes I had sworn never to repeat don’t matter anymore.

All the things my head has been screaming at me — to turn around, walk away and not look back, to let everything go and put it all behind me — don’t matter, because I had never intended to listen in the first place.

None of it matters, because none of it will make a difference anymore.

All that matters is what my heart refuses to stop telling me: This is what you feel, This is what you want, and This is what you have to do.

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