I don't say it

(But you know it’s there)

The most common case is when it’s right in your face and you see it happening. The less common case is when it’s right in your face, and then after a while it disappears, but you know — or at least you hope — it’s still there. The least common — and most surprising — case is when without ever having seen it, it happens anyway, and our awareness of it is most heightened when it seems to have diminished a little.

How do we rationalize it? When someone scoffs at us for even harboring such a notion, how do we tell them that as ridiculous as it may seem, it really is happening? How do we explain to them — without appearing the slightest bit insane or irrational — that even though it’s not physically here, but is something that occurs so often that it has actually become a constant presence in our lives? And how do we explain to them that because it has become such a constant presence, we can actually miss it when it’s not there as often as before?

Perhaps the biggest problem isn’t not knowing how, or even when, to say it. Perhaps it’s not knowing whether to say it.

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