Yes. Have been hired, on the first ever interview. Baker Victory Services has hired moi. The pay is miserable, but the H1 might actually come with it. And it’s a not-for-profit organization, so will not have to compete in the quota for the H1 visa. Will be working with kids between the ages of 12 and 21, and thank god it’s not a desk job. Am obviously not going to be living on the miserable pay for the rest of life; am just going to be destitute for a while, but will get by somehow. The parents have promised to continue financial support for a while until am able to survive on the pittons that am making, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

The most bizzare thing was that during the interview, while listening to the woman talk about the job and what entails it, was just sitting there thinking, I’ve spent my whole life being selfish. Now would be the time to stop and help others for a change. Will only be working four days a week, but at least ten hours a day; on weekdays would start work at about 2:30PM, and on weekends would work at 9AM, and all days could end as late as midnight. Despite all that, actually found the job quite appealing, as it is similar to the stint at Bennett High School, only evidently more challenging and with more ungodly hours. But as the mother said, as long as am happy in it — and the H1 comes with it — nothing else really matters.

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