Head vs. Heart

The never-ending battle

We hear the clich├ęs over and over again. “Listen to your heart.” “Follow your instinct.” “Trust your gut.” “Go with your feelings.” The phrases uttered so mindlessly, so mechanically, that we know we’ll never follow them no matter how many times we hear them.

How do we stop the war that rages on in our bodies? When will we know that it’s time to stop fighting? Even when we know it’s time to stop, will we stop at all? Why do we keep fighting? Is it because we’re holding on to that unswerving faith that everything will be all right in the end? Or because we simply refuse to stop fighting because we’re secretly afraid that stopping means a lack of faith and therefore things won’t go our way? And yet, when in the end either the head or the heart wins, we’re so battlesore that when we take a look back at what we’ve fought for, we wonder if it was all worth it to begin with.

How do we know when to listen to our heart and when to listen to our head? The head tells us like it really is, but the heart tells us what we want it to be. And in the end, when the battle dies down and we make as best a decision as we can, we’re never really happy with the outcome, because it was a battle that was won by default, when one side simply chose to give up. We will always end up wondering what it could have been like if the other side had won.

And the war will go on…

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