Happy 23

“You’re the first person I know who’s ever cried on their birthday.” – Mom

Another year, and another birthday gone by. Am 23 years old. Was definitely the best birthday ever, mainly because before this had still been in school and the birthday always managed to fall on finals week, so had never done anything for it up until this year. Went for dinner at Papaya with Shirley, Regina, Deepti, Jamie and Elias, after which went right next door to the Chocolate Bar for dessert, where were joined by Rami and Claudia. And even though it snowed and snowed like mad all day up until early evening, everyone made it clear that come hell or high water, the birthday would be celebrated. And Shirley actually got my favorite cake — the Chocolate Decadence — from Sweet Tooth (which, thank God, is all the way downtown and therefore too much trouble to venture out to everyday) — though to ingest it all own self would break the bathroom scale and am therefore bringing it to Johns’s party tonight and share — and a Massage Therapy gift certificate.
While tossing and turning in bed last night, ended up thinking about everything that’s happened in the last year, and realized that am really not where had hoped to be at the age of 23. Has definitely been one of, if not the most difficult years of all born days, as there was hurdle after hurdle to overcome. Had managed to get a job, but not the H1. Had fallen in love, only to have it all crumble about the ears after six months. Had tried looking for other jobs in the hopes of procuring the H1, only to be turned away for being a foreigner or ‘only a Bachelors degree holder’. At some point was ready to just throw in the towel and, with a stamp of the foot, declare all intention of going home.

But along with age came just a little more wisdom. Have learned to see the bigger picture and accept that even though some things may not have worked out as planned, all is not lost, and it just means that there are greater things that are meant to be discovered. Have also realized that if it hadn’t been for all the hurdles that have had to face this year, would never have found the courage to let certain things go and decide to move on with life elsewhere. And above all, have learned that what was really supposed to be achieved was not the immediate — not to mention rare — success that the few fortunate ones are able to secure, but the discovery of what it is that am really meant to do in life, which was what brought about the decision to acquire the TEFL Certification in Boston.

Naturally, the one thing have still not learnt is to not fall in love.

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