Happy 2007!

Am back from Albany. The last two days were excruciating, but a lot of fun. Praise God it’s all over.

Met up with everyone who was leaving from Buffalo at 2PM at the Chips’ house on Sunday, and drove to Albany with Saralin, Lila and Stephanie. Could have made it to Albany in about three and a half hours, because was flying down the highway at 95 mph, but then it took four hours because we stopped for food on the way. Got to Albany at about 6:30PM, and checked in at the Holiday Inn Express, after which had to hurry and get ready for dinner — which was at TGIF, thanks to reservations that beloved Danny Hatem made — and the Lt. Governor David Paterson’s New Year’s Eve Reception. The Reception was at the Crowne Plaza Albany in Downtown Albany, and it was a lot of fun, although aside from Chips and Pitches, everyone else was at least 35 years old. By the time the Reception was over and everyone made it back to the hotel, it was about 2AM and everyone was dead.

Had to wake up at 7:15AM yesterday to get ready for the bus that would bring the performers from Holiday Inn to the Empire State Plaza, where the Inauguration Ceremony was held. Arrived at about 8:30AM, then wasted the next six hours waiting to perform. The Chips and Pitches were given a room to wait in, and it was the longest six hours of everybody’s life. By the time it came time to sing, was ready to kill self or anyone else.

Singing was a torture. There were three different locations to sing in, all of which were crowded and noisy, and had to sing without microphones, so everyone was bellowing their poor lungs out for nearly three hours. By the time we were done singing it was almost 5:30PM, and when the bus finally got us back to the Holiday Inn, it was 6:15PM, and after rushing to change out of black dresses and heels back into traveling clothes, it was 6:30PM. Dropped Melissa off in Syracuse, which was on the way, and drove the rest of the way home with Lila. Astoundingly, was not sleepy in the least, and managed to drive all the way home without stopping, and finally arrived at 10:30PM.

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