Hanging on

Oddball Art Co. by Lizzy Love

Oddball Art Co. by Lizzy Love

In times of a transition, it’s possible to lose our perspective on things, or — in cases few and far between — just gain an entirely new perspective altogether. But in retrospect, is a transition an excuse for actually losing our perspective? In the months and weeks leading up to said transition, we harbor and nurture dreams for the future, building up our hopes and expectations, so wouldn’t losing perspective — or for want of a better term, giving up — on that make all the initial hoping and dreaming a complete waste of time? It could be a way of protecting ourselves from possible disappointments or heartbreaks, but doesn’t that also mean a lack of faith?

Faith. It can be so constant and at the same time so volatile. Faith that no matter how difficult things may be now, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel. Faith that at some point the games would have stopped and the time to grow up and get real is drawing near. Faith that maybe for once in our lives, things really may not be ‘too good to be true’.

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