Go the Fuck to Sleep

I always thought parents took for granted the mental development of their children. They don’t realize until it’s just a teensy bit too late that their children are growing up faster than they themselves did in their day. That said, no one can blame them for wanting to keep their children young an innocent for as long as they possibly can, because as they get older and start to comprehend what adults and other children around them are saying, it becomes a little difficult to filter everything that they hear.

Adam Mansbach, however, probably reconciled — or resigned — himself to the reality that someday soon, his daughter would come up to him and ask ┬áhim why she heard their neighbor shout at his wife to get her ‘cat’ out of his face when she clearly saw the cat on the garden wall. That reconciliation may have been what spurned him to put on paper what every parent is thinking, but can’t voice, when they’re trying to make their children sleep, thus resulting in what I think is the most honest book on parenting of all time, Go the Fuck to Sleep.

As hilarious as the verses are in print, nothing beats Samuel L. Jackson narrating the entire book aloud:


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