Getting my groove back

I was afraid of this happening. I had expected it to happen, given the five-day break I took, but I had hoped it would get better after a few days.

I’m beginning to slip.

I always try never to have more than a day’s break in between gym days, a decision I made after being away from the gym for two days  in March made it seem as though I’d never been at all. So it was with a little apprehension that I departed for Tioman, knowing that I would have trouble getting back into my gym groove once I was back in the city. And even though most would consider diving a form of exercise, the lack of intensity could not sustain the usual adrenaline rush and drive I get from spending one hour on the machines in the gym.

Now, two weeks after coming back from Tioman, I’ve returned to my usual gym routine of four days a week, comprising cardio on the machines, RPM and Bodypump classes. But I can hardly fail to notice that I now tire much more easily in the gym, and it takes a lot more to make myself finish my workout. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I was terrified I would black out during my RPM class.

Admittedly it could be my late-night activities that are affecting my workouts, as my sleeping hours have been somewhat diminished, adding to the fatigue that I already feel on a normal basis. I should probably adjust my current lifestyle, which might be a little difficult given the circumstances of it.

But come hell or high water, I will get my gym groove back.

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