From corporate to cobblestone

For a change of scenery

runner monkey

– Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada

When I’m tired of the filth and poison of the corporate cesspool, in between jobs and would like a little exercise and an outlet for any pent-up energy or anger, I should make use of my hand-eye coordination and be a personal assistant/errand girl.

I did this in 15 minutes during lunch break yesterday:

Went to Starbucks and got the usual caffe mocha — tall, double-shot, whipped cream;

Got a text message asking for egg tarts and coffee from Starbucks;

Went back to Starbucks and bought a tall caramel macchiato, balancing it in a tray with initial caffe mocha;

Went down to Lavender and procured help from staff in putting two egg tarts on tray, as rendered incompletely dextrous by coffee in one hand and tray in the other;

Picked up alterations from tailor;

Paid for parking ticket with right hand, all the while balancing coffee, bag of altered clothes and wallet on left arm;

Arrived back in the office with coffee in left hand, bag of altered clothes in right, and own handbag slightly askew:

errand girl

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