For Maddi

Wednesday, June 17, 2009:
[11:07] sublime056: do you KNOW
[11:07] sublime056: how MUCH
[11:07] sublime056: ive been thinking about YOU LATELY??
[11:07] yeuxhonnetes: haha REALLY? and how come?
[11:07] sublime056: bc ive been listening to you SING!
[11:07] sublime056: and it makes me happy

For all the hours we spent going pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-paaaa until we turned blue in the face.

For all the speeding tickets acquired on our Pitches roadtrips across New York State and Pennsylvania for gigs.

For all the McDonalds coffee and chicken nuggets we consumed before, during and after those roadtrips.

For all the Duffs wings we ate (blazing hot for me, mild for you), dinners at Papaya and Kebab & Curry, and bottles of Carlo Russo wine we indulged ourselves in (Shame I never got around to bringing you to the Chocolate Bar, though).

For all the hours we spent in my car and your apartment trying to figure out where our lives were going.

For the days I hope to spend with you again, some time not too far in the future, in the other home I call New York.

I miss you Boo.

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