Today seems like one of those days. One of those days when it’s cloudy and gloomy outside, and you don’t feel like going out because you’re afraid it might be too cold, and you don’t really have anywhere to go anyway. One of those days when you stay at home all day with no company at all except your own thoughts.

Cannot believe is already December. Once again, have absolutely no idea where the year went, and as usual, do not feel as though have done anything productive. Am lucky to have even survived the year, considering everything that has happened. We all begin a new year with such bright, happy hopes for a bright, happy future, but more often than not, as the year draws to a close, we realize that even though we came close to having our hopes fulfilled, we’re still as far away as we ever were from the happiness we fought so hard to get.

Now that have graduated, have been reflecting on the past semesters, right from the first semester in UB nearly three years ago. Three years. Three years of riding the biggest emotional rollercoaster ever created. Three years of drama, disappointments and heartache, where the only real happiness ever found was literally in the music. Joining Professor Rosenbaum’s UB Choir and the Royal Pitches were the brightest spots in all the time spent in UB, and the old love for music was finally rekindled. Also found the very few real friends who have made coming to UB all worth it, and finally learned to tell the difference between friend and freeloader.

When you think back to the past, you realize there are the clothes you can’t believe you wore, the boys you can’t believe you kissed, the people you can’t believe you were ever friends with, and the friends you can’t believe you ever lived without.

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