Fickleness, thy name is Sandra

One of life’s greatest ironies is the fickleness of man. We struggle for what seems like ages to get what we want and hang on to it by our teeth, only to realize after some time that it really wasn’t worth hanging on to, and that it’s really something else that we want after all. Whether it’s a bag, a job, or a man, it’s just never good enough.

The Pitches concert is in 5 weeks, and there’s still so much to do. Am not sure if will get to sing ‘graduation song’ Angel, but that’s the least of the group’s worries right now. Have decided that due to the uncertainty of being able to attend all rehearsals next semester, will not be in the group but will help to teach any new girls the songs, and in particular one who will sing all my parts. So this upcoming concert will be my very last one, and am rather sad about it. Being in the Pitches is definitely one of, if not the, brightest spots in all my time in Buffalo.

Speaking of which, have also decided, once and for all, to stay in Buffalo after graduation and try to get a job here. Am really nowhere near to being prepared to pack up and leave, and the few friends that I have are all here. And besides, would have been in Buffalo for 3 years come December 27, and am now much too comfortable here to want to move anywhere else. So will hopefully be able to get a job here, and will hopefully not have to turn tricks to do it.

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