Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace, London

Six months it has run, this crazy ride
As the wheels of doom keep turning
I look around for a place to hide
But the flames of guilt keep burning
For all these months, I’ve seen and heard
The things they’ve said and done
The things that have left me so disturbed
I wanted to turn and run

As the days, and nights, and weeks wore on
I struggled to deal with it all
But there were moments when I felt so lost
That I was ready to let myself fall
To fall asleep and never wake
That would be the best way out
But then I thought of everything I couldn’t take
And that left me with my doubts

So I kept my head down and just got by
As I watched this change take shape
Deep down I knew it was a matter of time
Before I found some small escape
And when that time came, I thought I’d gained
Some peace of mind at last
But little did I know of what
Would eventually come to pass

Nearly eight years it had been, since I had gone
And left my past behind
But see how fickle Fate must be
To keep certain things in my mind
So when chance came I scrambled forth
And took it for my own
Even though I knew what I would risk
In that sense, I had not grown

You were my escape when my world fell
And reality became too much
You gave me an outlet for my rage
And I treated you as such
I recognized at once the shift in me
When I realized I wanted more
But you are there, and I am here
It would be such a chore

If I could turn back time, I may not have done
What I thought had been my right
Or I may have done things differently
Just short of taking flight
Though when I can run away again
I have yet to really know
What I want is the escape you gave
And someday, I’ll tell you so

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