Easier said than done

Sometimes we make decisions that seem to be the best ones at the moment and resolve to follow through with every shred of willpower and determination. And indeed, when we’re able to distract ourselves from the issues at hand, it’s really quite easy to stick to those decisions. We can resolve not to buy any more shoes because the shoeboxes are piling too high, and so long as we stay away from Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus Online we’ll be able to save those few hundred dollars. Or we can decide to go on a crash diet and as long as we remember that the only size left for that dress was a 2, those 8lbs shouldn’t be too difficult to lose. And we would be able to stop ourselves from calling that ever-unattainable person as long as we remember why they’re unattainable in the first place.

So with all these good resolutions in mind, why do we still tumble headlong into situations that we know are bad for us and send all our resolutions flying out the window? When Barneys New York sends their latest shoe catalog in the mail we can’t resist going online and checking to see if the Christian Louboutin Pigalles are available in our size. When the friend who is a size 00-petite and weighs 95lbs suggests going to Butterwood for dessert, we try to rationalize by thinking, “It’s only once in a while.” And when that oh-so-ungettable bachelor calls after staying away for an entire week and asks you out to dinner, you hear yourself saying ‘yes’ even before you can think about it.

Are we creating loopholes for ourselves, little corners of refuge to run to when we’re completely strung out and beginning to regret those decisions we made? Or are we making excuses to console ourselves and to try and justify our lack of judgment? Or were those decisions we made the wrong ones to begin with, and did we just make them in a heinously desperate attempt to pull ourselves out of our financial, physical or emotional purgatory?

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