Different eyes

Charing Cross Road, London

Charing Cross Road, London

I was never a big fan of London, having experienced it mostly in miserable weather all the times I was there previously. But when my mother wanted to go into the city during our 10-hour layover on the way back from Boston, it was a startlingly sunny and warm day.

As we walked along Oxford and New Bond Streets, through Piccadilly Circus, across Pall Mall and on to Trafalgar Square and then Buckingham Palace, I suddenly found myself looking at the city with different eyes. It was as if I had never seen London before, never realized what a beautiful city it was, even if it did spend most of the year shrouded in overcast skies.

My recent trip to the USA made me realize that the stage of life or frame of mind one is in influences the way one sees a certain place. The were so many things I saw now that I seem to have missed, say, 10 years ago, and sometimes it felt as though I was there for the first time in my life.

It doesn’t just apply to places. Being away this time around has made me see even people with different eyes, both during and after my trip. I’m not sure if it was because of the circumstances my life is currently in, or because I’m older and less tolerant of many things, but it’s definitely a welcome view.

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