Dear Santa,

I know with times being so bad, it would be selfish of me to want anything material for Christmas — like a new pair of shoes, and that Chanel bag I keep coveting. So this Christmas, I won’t ask for too much; I just want:

  1. One day away from all the pain and hardships for the people who have suffered losses from the mindless violence at the hands of others; to have at least someone to be there with them, hold their hand, and let them know that they are not alone.
  2. The comforts that the fortunate ones take for granted to be given to the poor, the hungry and the homeless.
  3. Those who are still able to afford those comforts to realize how truly fortunate they are and appreciate what they have.
  4. The warring ones to understand how precious life is, and to realize that only when the trust is renewed can the fighting stop and the world be rebuilt.
  5. The ones I loved from the life I left behind to know that I’ve never forgotten them, that I still miss them dearly and that even though it may not have felt like it sometimes, I’ve thanked God every day for bringing them into my life and, in that way, letting me learn that no matter what, others come first.
  6. The few significant people in my life to understand that even though I’ve locked myself away and shut them out these past few months, the love I have for them and the importance they bear in my life has not diminished; to know that if anything, I’m grateful to them for the patience with which they bore it all;  and  to remember that regardless of my own internal struggles, I value them more than I’ve ever valued my own life.
  7. To have the courage to show — or at least tell — them all this myself, before it’s too late.


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