Dear Mr. President,


I do not know you and I did not vote for you. I spent four and a half years in your country, learning only of your campaign in early 2007 and trying to catch up with it. And towards the end of it, I knew that if I had had the right to vote, I would have voted for you.

I know what a busy man you are, so I’ll make this short. You’ve made a lot of promises of hope and change, and I know there are many people where I am who would be grateful if you could follow through on them.  You’ve brought hope back and restored faith to Americans, and to people all over the world, at a time when we all feared that Hope herself had given up. America has never needed a change more. The world has never needed a change more.

Congratulations, President Obama, and good luck. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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