Curtain call

Am now officially unemployed, and as this is the last day of OPT, am also officially unemployable. Cannot believe the year is up, and in some ways am thankful that the year is up. The circumstances of this employment almost seemed to make a mockery of the job, and all the more so because it was a job I actually loved. One good thing that has come of it is that I know now what I want to do with my life.

Will now spend the next three weeks packing, babysitting and working out. Yes, working out. Have made Johns swear on his new three-piece corduroy suit of which he is extremely proud that come hell or high water, he will drag me to the gym when he goes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Am shipping about 97% of worldly belongings home, and so far have packed the shoes and sorted out the clothes.

The ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal Round 1 (have just discovered that the Quarterfinal links can actually be clicked on) is this Saturday at Pennsylvania State University. Will be leaving Buffalo at about noon — though, knowing most of the Pitches, will probably end up leaving late again — and will come back as early as possible on Sunday morning. Am not looking forward to the four-hour drive, but fortunately this time have made a pact with Maddi, Aziza, Lila and Shaina for them to go in my car so that will not have to put up with anyone else’s backseat road rage.

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