Cupboard love

“The thing about Rebecca is, she’s a jellyfisher. You have a conversation with her that seems all nice and friendly, then you suddenly feel like you’ve been stung and you don’t know where it came from. You’ll be talking about jeans and she’ll say ‘Yes, well if you’ve got cellulite jodhpurs, you’re best in something really well cut like Dolce & Gabbana,’ — she herself having thighs like a baby giraffe — then smoothly move on to DKNY chinos as if nothing has happened.” – Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason

One of the moments my mother lives for:

Mom: Is that a jumpsuit?
S: Yes. It’s new. Do we like?
It’s nice. It makes you look like Marilyn Monroe.
S: (momentarily pleased at comparison with legendary sex symbol) Ooooh, really?
Mom: Yes. She had hips like that too.

Well, harrumph.

Like so, apparently:


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