Cruel to be kind

I must be cruel only to be kind.
Thus bad begins and worse remains behind.

– William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 4 –

019: Hey u…how are u? Bz at work? I’m just leaving my office…have u had dinner?
Me: Who is this?
019: ****…. 🙁
Me: Oh ok. Sorry. I’m all right. Having dinner now
019: Ok…maybe next time then
Me: No offense, but I’m afraid there will not be a next time
019: I will try whenever I think of u anyway
Me: Don’t waste your time with the random, reason-less texts and insincere niceties. You’re the last link to a bridge that I’ve been burning and it would be safer to keep it that way

It is selfish and harsh, but make no mistake, I will do it without thinking twice if it will save you from me and save me from the past.

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