Come home again


Come home again, come home
Wherever you may be
Come home again, you sailor man, sailor man
Home again, to the sea

I hear a dream all day
A dream that calls to me
“Come home again, you sailor man, sailor man
Home again, to the sea.”

– I Hear A Dream, Gulliver’s Travels –

Gulliver’s Travels was one of my favorite animated films growing up. I sang along to the soundtrack as best as my four-year-old mind would allow me to, laughed at the blubbering little Lilliputians, and cried at the end when Gulliver left Lilliput to the strains of I Hear A Dream, a song which has remained to this day one of my favorites from any soundtrack.

When I decided to obtain my diver’s license last year, it was purely for the chance to go where a snorkel could never take me, to witness all the things I’d heard about and seen on TV in real life, and to satiate my own thirst for adventure. Granted, it wouldn’t induce the same kind of adrenalin that I got from bungee jumping and snowboarding, but the risk of danger and potential death made it just as appealing.

Now, after a year of diving and having experienced one of the best dive destinations on this side of the planet, I realize that it has given me a renewed love for the sea, and a feeling I haven’t had in a long time: peace. Peace in knowing that all the things, big and small, that I’ve been so unsettled about in the past months can be overcome if I just allow myself to believe that they were mostly in my head. Peace in knowing that even if I can’t overcome them in the short term, at some point I will know when and how to move on. Peace in knowing that one day, none of it will matter anymore, either because I’ve gotten past them, or because I’ve simply learned to let go.

Watching that scene now — showing Gulliver looking out at the waves and expressing his longing to return to the sea, to the voyage he had just begun, and to his own world — gives me a vague understanding of why this profound love for the sea exists. It brings about an extraordinary tranquility that allows you, for a few precious moments, to leave the world and everything in your life behind and just revel in its calmness. And for the ones who love it for more than just the whales, Mandarin fish and nudibranchs that dwell beneath its surface, it also makes them feel like they’re being called Home.

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