Color-blindness (Part V)

In a bathroom at the Westin Hotel:

Woman: Excuse me… excuse me, do you come here often?
Me: (thinking she was about to ask for directions) No…
Woman: Oh, but do you fly over here all the time? From KK*?
Me: (completely taken aback) No, I’m not from KK.
Woman: Oh, then from Jakarta, is it?
Me: (horrified) No, no, I’m from here!

As Eza pointed out after the woman left the bathroom, it was probably because of what I was wearing that day. This is what I get for having to adhere to the Islamic bank’s rules of wearing a baju kurung just to host their events: nobody can take me seriously.

Afham was appalled at being mistaken for a Burmese, but now that I can add ‘Indonesian’ to the List, I win. Even his mother and sisters almost laughed me out of the house when they saw me later that same day.

* Kota Kinabalu

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