Collateral damage

Just when I thought — or rather, hoped — that I could take a break from bemoaning my streak of bad luck this year, while letting some good things balance out the misfortunes, this had to happen:

Yes, that is, in fact, the absence of a rear windshield on my car. Due to the extremely heavy rain yesterday afternoon, a tree keeled over on its trunk and landed spread-eagled on two (or maybe three) rows of cars in the public parking lot next to my office building. My car, which happened to be double-parked because there were no available spots for it, got the tail end of the branches, hence the shattered rear windshield and caved in roof. If you look carefully through the hole where the windshield used to be, you can see the front windshield has been cracked all across. The bonnet was also dented, and the driver’s sideview mirror was last seen swinging morosely from the door.

A couple of my colleagues were able to help me remove my valuables from the car, especially the weekend bag I bring to Afham’s house, my sunglasses, shoes and other little things I keep in the car for convenience. It was difficult to be inconspicuous, though; the only thing more mortifying than being the owner of the most easily accessible damaged car was having my boss open the trunk to discover it lined with shoeboxes.

And so, I will be car-less once again for about three weeks. Hopefully it will be restored to its original form (or as close to it as possible) before I start my new job in April. The only bright side is that I will be free of my job in two weeks and therefore will not have to share my parents’ cars for a while. Unfortunately, this also means that Afham will have to shuttle me around until my own car comes back.

People have been commenting on how calm I seem throughout all of this. My take is that (a) all the tears in the world will not solder my car back together, and (b) this time, I can at least say it wasn’t my fault.

2 thoughts on “Collateral damage

  1. Joyce Chew

    You poor thing! It was a good thing no one was hurt in the incident. I’ll be praying that your bad luck will fly away ya? Take care!

    1. Sandra Foo Post author

      Awww thanks! You can give me a pity wax the next time I come hahaha

      My mom says things happen in threes, so now that I’ve fallen down an escalator and lost a chunk off the bottom of my toe, had my phone and car+house keys stolen at Phuture, and had a tree mutilate my car, I hope I’m done — at least for a while. It’s only March!


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