Charlotte Casiraghi for Gucci

Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Caroline, Hereditary Princess of Monaco, has been chosen as the new face of Gucci. This isn’t entirely surprising, given that she has been the brand’s equestrian ‘ambassador’ for at least the last couple of years now, and has had Frida Giannini design all her equestrian outfits specially for her and kept jealously out of public retail space.

I’ve become a big fan of Charlotte’s over the last few years. Besides the obvious fact that she is the granddaughter of the late Grace Kelly, who was also one of my icons, there is something about her immensely cool, almost indifferent, demeanor that I find incredibly appealing. She has managed to retain some semblance of a normal life by being as low-profile as her family and status allow her to be, and her often unsmiling face goes remarkably well with her effortlessly chic style.

With the release of the first shots of her Gucci campaign, it seems as though it has been a long time since Gucci found anyone truly fitting as an ambassador — lifestyle-wise, in any case. Natasha Poly served her purpose relatively well as the fashion spokesperson for the brand, but Charlotte somehow puts the human element into it. Hopefully this is going to be a long-term — or at least longer than the initially agreed-upon two years — partnership.

Meanwhile, let’s just all take a moment to gawk.

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