Hello, Buffasnow

Has been a depressing 17 hours. It started snowing yesterday afternoon, most unexpectedly, and it didn’t stop until late last night. Went home from Choir and Pitches rehearsals to discover that there had been a power outtage since 5PM, and the entire area around Copley Court was in total darkness. Discovered this morning that the power was still out, and it’s apparently so bad that everywhere else has power outtages as well, and it could take up to next week for everything to be back up and running. Even classes on campus have been cancelled, and only the library is open, and that only until 4PM.

Naturally had to get out of the house today to get food, but naturally the car was snowed in, so had to enlist the help of a neighbor, who was also trying to go out, to excavate the car out of the snow. Am now dreading going home as am not sure how to get back into the parking lot.

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