Brown sugar

“I’m at the duty-free store buying chocolates, but you don’t get any. Now, what kind of chocolates does Afham like?” – Mom

My new motto in life -- or at least until I've lost enough weight to keep the film producers happy

courtesy of Greg

Three weeks after the Call of Shame, I — or at least my desperate subconscious — am finally beginning to see the most infinitesimal progress in my despondently halfhearted attempt at a diet. This is not without many sighs and threatening tears over having to pick through food that would not lead to a severe regression and the re-thickening of my waist, and eliminating as much rice (or other forms of carbohydrate) and sweets as possible from my food intake. But I’ve been slightly happier ever since:

1. Su Yin told me I’ve lost weight, a fact which I still have to take with a tub of salt because she tells me that every time she sees me, regardless of how much I’ve gained.

2. Fai, Su Yin’s boyfriend, told me I’ve lost weight, a fact which I take with just a pinch because he sees me far less often and it’s easier for him to judge.

3. Rhubini told me I’ve lost weight, a fact which I’m tempted to take at full value because she rarely sees me and she’s hardly the type to take the mollycoddling route.

4. My jeans, as recently as two weeks ago, were less of a chore to get into, although I suspect it was also because they haven’t seen the laundry since I last wore — and stretched — them.

5. I weighed myself, fully clothed, shod and fed, at a blood donation drive merely two days ago and found my weight to be fairly satisfactory.

The one thing I haven’t been able to relinquish from my diet is coffee, but I’m rationalizing that with brown sugar.

– edit –

Ever since I published this post, I’ve been asked more than once if I’ve been working out to aid my weight loss. The answer is No. Ever since my gym membership expired I have made no effort to renew it, simply because at the very core of my being, I hate working out (even though I was on a roll for nearly a year), and I genuinely doubt it was helping me lose weight or shrink. And my ultimate goal right now is to shrink. And shrink. And shrink.

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