Breathe and reboot

Has been an extremely long day. Came home at 11:30AM from the a car wash at Delta Sonic to discover that something had happened to the poor computer, causing all 150GB of music, movies, pictures and software to be completely deleted from the storage drive. Thank God was able to enlist Darren’s help in reformatting the hard drive. Fortunately, the faithful old laptop still had music and software in it, so was able to retrieve that, but because have not used the laptop since getting the desktop last September, ended up spending a few good hours downloading music and software that had been attained in the last nine months. So now the computer is delightfully fast again, but totally devoid of any photos or movies, and am now downloading the entire first season of Brothers & Sisters all over again.

Thank you for seeing the good in me
Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt
Thank you for not passing judgment so quickly
Thank you for being here at this point in my life
When my light’s gone, you’re my dawn

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