Blind leading the blind

blinded by love

I thought I’d learned from you. From watching you tear yourself apart over Greg and drag yourself down so low that at one point I really had no idea how to help you back up. I thought I could learn from that and not allow my feelings for a man to consume me until I can barely do anything else… Why? Why does it have to be now? What the hell is wrong with us? New Year’s Eve, we made a promise to be sensible this year and get rid of all the bullshit and work on fixing ourselves. And now look — almost a year later and we’re still as much of a mess as we’ve ever been! What happened to us?


In all the frustration, the only answer I could think of, as I pulled myself out of the freezing, drowning depths of my own thoughts and memories in yet another futile effort to put the past behind me, was, “Men happened to us.”

Much later, I realized that I had given the wrong answer, that the answer wasn’t the men.

Love happened to us.

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