Beneath the veil

Mrs Huber: I was going to keep your secret. It’s a shame you couldn’t trust me

Susan: You’re a piece of work, you know that?

Mrs Huber: Oh, Susan, let’s not be unpleasant. We can go back to the same friendly relationship we’ve always had.

Susan: I will keep my lawn looking nice. And I will make sure that my music isn’t playing too loud, and if I get some of your mail? Heck, I’ll run it right over, because that’s what good neighbors do. But from now on, when I run into you on the street and I say, “Good morning, Mrs Huber,” or “How are you, Mrs Huber?” just know that, inside, I am quietly — but decidedly — hating your guts.

Mrs Huber: Careful, dear. Let’s not say things we’ll live to regret.

Susan: Good evening, Mrs Huber.

Desperate Housewives, Season 1, Episode 4 –

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