Baby steps

One day at a time

It’s Day 2. Except for the unrelenting heat and humidity, complete disorientation at all the changes made to the streets in Subang Jaya, and unadulterated disgust at the traffic and driving habits of the people here, have managed to survive being home. The flight was relatively bearable, probably because most of it was spent sleeping so that would not have to think about anything.

The belongings that had been shipped home from Buffalo were delivered today. Thank God everything made it, and except for one of the boxes that broke near the bottom, hence causing one of the Dior shoeboxes to tear, everything is more or less in one piece. Will now have to clear out all old and unwanted things from the bedroom and figure out where and how to fit everything.

Also discovered that ID and driver’s license had somehow gotten lost. Have vague memories of packing them to be shipped home, but then for some strange reason also feel as though they had gone along to Boston, which means they must have been in possession the entire time. In the end Dad just said to get a new ID so that would be able to go to Maxis and get a new SIM card and not be tethered to the land line any longer. So now am finally out of the wilderness with a new ID, a new cell phone number and a new car on the way (hopefully not too far into the future).

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