Have finally made substantial progress with the packing. Spent the whole morning bubble wrapping every piece of jewelry in possession, stopping only to go for the monthly Brazilian and to pick up something at Macy’s. Johns came over earlier this evening to help assemble and line boxes with bubble wrap, as am not tall enough to do it, and thank God he came, because that finally brought on the motivation to actually pack. Have so far filled up four boxes, and am now left with half of clothes and other miscellaneous items, which will hopefully take up only one more box. The books will have to go into smaller boxes, of which there will probably be quite a few, as the books seem to have increased in number simply with the prospect of packing. These days when am asked about plans for Chinese New Year (which have only very recently discovered is this Thursday) and Valentine’s Day, the answer is, “Packing.” (Fortunately have no liking for either occasion.)

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