Author’s Note

I read and I learn. I write and I ramble. I hope, but I falter. I believe, but I challenge. I love, and I love fully.

This is only the beginning.

After just over two years of being hosted by, and before that nearly four years by Xanga, I’ve finally set up house here. I figure it’s time to grow up and stick with a clean, straightforward name for my website that I’ll never outgrow and one that I can call mine, mine and my own.

Everything from 2006 and up has been moved here, because from backtracking again I still don’t think that anything before that was really worth taking much notice of. Perhaps one day, in the name of consistency and obsessive-compulsiveness, I will move all the earlier posts here too. But until that day comes, both my previous blogs will remain as they are, if for no other reason than the fact that I am still attached to them and they were my lifelines throughout some of the best and most difficult years of my life.

I will not post some long-winded ingratiating piece about who I am, how I am and what I do, because with enough patience, receptiveness and humor, you will be able to find all the answers here.

3 thoughts on “Author’s Note

    1. backstagepiphany

      thanks steven! how are you? it’s been a long time since we spoke, time just flies; can you believe The Wait was nearly TWO YEARS ago?

      and as for xanga, yes, it was time to move on and move up 😀


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