Another chance

It feels weird not to be in Pitches rehearsal for the first time in probably 14 weeks. Have been lounging around the house all day, not really knowing what to do with self. The Chips’ show last night was pretty good, but not as good as it could have been, for some strange reason. One of the new Chips’ songs was completely flat, because he somehow couldn’t get the key right. Went for the after-party at the Chips’ house, which was pretty fun, but somehow not as crowded as usual.

Also, have just heard from Maddi that the Royal Pitches have been selected to sing at the Eliot Spitzer Inauguration on January 1, 2007! Eliot Spitzer is the New York State Attorney General who is now Governor-elect of New York, so this Inauguration Ceremony would be a really huge deal on the Pitches’ resume. The event will be held in Albany, the Pitches were chosen over the Chips; apparently there will be groups from other cities like Rochester and Syracuse as well, and the Pitches are ‘representing’ Buffalo. Naturally, am going to sing with them in Albany, even though am not quite in the group anymore.

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