And life goes on

Praise God everything is finally falling into place, after three weeks of panic fits and anxiety attacks. It seems like life isn’t so much of a great big mess anymore.

Have to go for a physical at Baker Victory next Wednesday. There is no word on the H1 yet, but once have started working there the process would be made somewhat easier. Hopefully this stint doesn’t go to the dogs like everything else did.

A surprising thing happened yesterday. An old friend from INTI and later on UB suddenly IMed yesterday, and after talking for a while, he revealed that he’s working on a short film in L.A., and asked if I wanted to be in it, to play the part of a Ph.D student/whore (have clearly been stereotyped for roles like that, as played something similar in Dan Kowalski’s The Scoop). So will be going to L.A. next Thursday, January 18 — and coming back to Buffalo on Monday, January 22. Hopefully it won’t be a waste of time.

Cannot wait to go to Manhattan! Am bored to tears of Buffalo, and in dire need of a dose of the city. Will be going there January 30 and coming back February 4. Which brings about the reminder that have not practiced the music for the United Nations and Radio City concerts at a.

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