An opportunity arises

Just learned today that am not required to audition for the choir that’s going to Radio City Music Hall in February! So am definitely going for the Ennio Morricone concert on February 3, so will just have to train the new Soprano 1 for the Pitches and let them fend for themselves when it comes time for the ICCA Quarterfinals. Unfortunately, the very same concert at the United Nations on February 2 will not involve the UB Choir, as it’s scheduled for the exact same time as the Radio City dress rehearsal. Will not, obviously, be travelling down to Manhattan with the rest of the choir, as it would be about an 8-hour bus ride, and am not going to be housed with members of Professor Rosenbaum’s Westchester Oratorio Society again, so am going to fly down there and stay in own hotel room.

Will have to be at the Pitches table in the Student Union tomorrow at 1PM, and pass out flyers with a great big fake smile to people who don’t even know what acappella music is (ignoramuses in question being, not surprisingly, Malaysians). Fortunately, the gig at the ghetto Southside Buffalo school on Friday has been cancelled, so will not have to trundle all the way downtown in forecasted rain/snow/sleet. Although must really get the poor car serviced before toiling it down to Binghamton on Saturday.

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