A whole new world


When I think back to the last four days, everything seems a jumble. The memories are so vivid, and yet so vague that I have to keep running through each and every one of them to make sure I never forget.

Amidst alternating from bed to water to food, learning to read a compass, playing dead so that Becca could practice rescue skills, laughing at one another as we all wriggled and hopped into our wetsuits, and watching blacktip sharks, turtles, blue-spotted and manta rays go by, I got my diver’s license.

I’m officially a certified scuba diver.

I can’t stop beaming.

It was definitely one of the best trips of my life — a whole other world away from the city-girl-goes-to-the-big-city vacations I’ve been going on in the last few years. And now that there is that whole other world to explore, I can only hope that it just keeps getting better.

– edit –

The Photo turned out to be unfit for public eyes, so that up there will have to do.

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