A man of Love

“You don’t always have to look at Lent as giving up something you love. Why not look at it as giving up something that you think of as an easy way out of the difficulties of life? You don’t necessarily have to love it; it’s just something you cleave to when you think you need it. For this reason, you must never give up on love — loving directly or doing something out of love — because it’s not something that’s there when you need it; it’s something you do because it makes you the person you are, and nobody can live without that.” – Father James G.

One of the best things about my priest — aside from the Irish accent acquired from his mother that makes listening to him pronounce his last name rather entertaining — is that he tries to understand each of his parishioners as an individual, not merely as someone who comes to Mass because they’re trying to be a good Catholic. He doesn’t believe in imposing his beliefs or opinions on people; instead, he offers them more as guidelines, allowing others to adapt to them based on their own capabilities. If he were American, he would be a Democrat.

He also remains the only man who can make me cry without breaking my heart.

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