A flaw in the plan

“The last time I saw you, you stole my patient’s heart. Then you got shot. Karma rocks!” – Erica Hahn, Grey’s Anatomy

Karma. It will be the death of us all. We know something’s about to happen, but we can’t wait for it, so we try to turn the clock forward so that it’ll happen sooner. But of course, just as we’ve sped things up as much as we’ve dared, something comes along and delays everything, so that we’re now forced to wait even longer for it. And that’s when that tiny seed of thought creeps into our mind: if we had just waited, would it have been delayed anyway, or would God have rewarded our patience by letting it happen the way it should?

Went to see Kate on Tuesday to schedule next (and last) tattoo, and stayed to talk to her for a good (thank God tattoo parlors close late) while because have not seen her since getting the first tattoo back in 2005, after which she went on one of her travels. Assuming from a 2006 article stating she was 62 years old then that she’s probably about 64 now, am amazed that someone like her has been able to travel all over the world by herself. When asked where she went this last time before coming back to Buffalo in mid-December, she said, “I went to Panama. I loved it there. But then I got run down by a pack of wild dogs who were chasing after a bitch in heat, and that gave me a few ruptured disks. So I decided that it was time to settle down in Buffalo. Yes, I’m saying it out loud: I’m settling down. My mother in Heaven must be very happy to hear that.”

Told Kate that am going to Boston to get the TEFL Certification, after which am going home, even though am not too thrilled about it because giving up the life and friends here seems unthinkable. And she said, “Sometimes it’s good to get a chance to regroup and think about your next step in life. Granted going all the way home to regroup is a little farther than you’d like, but there’s always something waiting for you regardless of where you go. If you tried to go to another country to teach, you might not make it as a teacher, but you could end up doing something bigger and better. If you’re going home mainly to regroup, you could end up doing something you’ve always wanted to do in a place you never imagined you’d be doing it. The memories you have now could be nothing compared to the memories you’re about to get.”

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