A dream, on hold


The worst thing about having a dream is finding out that you have to give it up, even if only temporarily. The only consolation is that what comes after that just might be better than you had ever dreamed.

For every day that I follow through with this plan of mine, I am also sitting by and allowing my life to be dictated by someone else whom I neither know nor respect. The only thing that holds my resolve is opening my eyes every morning to see the one thing in this world that keeps me alive and sane.

We had a dream, so long ago now, it seems. Santorini, we always said, or even Cyprus, do you remember? And for a short period of time, it felt as though that dream really would come true, but you had not the courage to tell me that it couldn’t. But now that we’ve been backed into our own corners, with no other option except to make the most of what we have, I want to believe that one day, that dream will comeĀ alive for us again.

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