A clichéd truth or a true cliché?

I’ve never been a fan of clichés: those little sayings and phrases that people say so mindlessly, so mechanically, that they lose all meaning and significance in the end. We’ve heard them all — or most of them — ever since we were young and we were told to ‘mind our P’s and Q’s’, study hard so that we could ‘pass with flying colors’, and to be careful whenever we went out because it was ‘better to be safe than sorry’.

The most recent one — which was really quite a while ago — that  up until then I hadn’t heard in a long time is, “If you love something let it go; if it comes back it’s yours. People don’t realize how much they love something until it’s gone, and they learn to appreciate it all the more when they do get a chance to have it again.”

That may be true, but from what perspective? If we loved someone and let them go because they didn’t want us and we ‘just wanted them to be happy’ (another cliché I’m starting to detest, second only to “It’s not you; it’s me”), they may come back in the end, but on what grounds? Because they discovered they actually did want us, or because they decided they couldn’t find anyone else and didn’t want to die alone? If it were the latter, that leaves us haunted for the rest of our lives by the fact that we were what they settled for.

I don’t believe in clichés, but now is not the time to start.

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