A clash of worlds (not wills)

Summer has only just started, and already it feels like it’s been going on forever. Have begun research with COM 489 TA Ben Elbirt, and it’s a lot more work than expected. The research involves comparing the Bible in three languages — English, French and Malay — and looking at the semantic differences and similarities. Will have to write a paper on it at the end, and Ben is hoping to get it published in a journal. Also met with advisor Janeen Wilder yesterday, and she has confirmed that will be able to graduate in December, and if am able to drag the GPA up, will graduate magna cum laude, or if can at least keep the current GPA where it’s at, will graduate with just cum laude. Better than sine laude, I suppose.

Received the horrifying news last night that the quota for the H1 visa applicants has been filled. The application window was opened in April and is supposed to close in August, but it took less than two months to fill the quota. Now the mans either has to go back to school in the hopes of prolonging his stay in this country, or go back to Malaysia when his OPT ends in November. Everything looks so bleak from where I’m standing, and I’m not even the one who’s looking for a job.

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