Fast forward in slow motion

Plans for the coming weeks:

February 26 – April 1: Boston!

April 1 – 7: Buffalo

April 7 – God knows: Home

With just over a week left in Buffalo, the panic is starting to set in, although it’s somewhat lifted by the thought of spending five weeks in Boston. After 270 sq. ft. of bubble wrap, 517 yards of tape, and innumerable hours of wrapping, folding, rolling, arranging, rearranging, crying and crawling all over boxes to tape them as securely as is physically possible, 99% of worldly belongings is now on its way to New Jersey to be shipped back to the other end of the world. Am left with the rest of the house to clear out, the car to sell, and what feels like a million other little things to do before going to Boston.

As the end draws near, some people tend to get retrospective, and start reflecting on everything that’s happened in the past. I, for one, overload on it. In the four-odd years that I’ve been in Buffalo, the mistakes I’ve made could fill a Library of Congress. I made ‘friends’ I wish I’d never made, because in the end they were only ever around when they needed something, and the list of Relationships From Hell has since grown longer, while the list of Relationships To Remember still remains completely empty.

And yet I can’t say I wish I’d never come to Buffalo, because I might not have had the same experiences and opportunities if I had gone to any other school. I was fortunate enough to live in a dorm with people I could actually get along with, and later on learned to live alone and be self-sufficient. I made my first real friends in Buffalo when I joined the Royal Pitches, and then got to know the Buffalo Chips, subsequently making all the other friends I can’t imagine never having made. I managed to get into the UB Choir, which, thanks to Professor Rosenbaum, opened up so many new doors and brought so many new experiences as far as performing is concerned. And no matter how quickly I grew up while I was still in school, the past year alone made me grow up even faster, because I had other people to take care of besides myself, and that has helped me decide what I want to with my life, and to realize that even though some things don’t work out the way we wanted for planned for them to, in the end it’s what we choose to make of it that counts.

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