Off to Tioman!


I think the last time I went there I was probably in my late teens; it was definitely before I moved to Buffalo. Now I’m going back there to do what I somehow never  got around to doing in all the years I spent in the United States: get my diving license. And it will also be my chance to get away from the city for a while, even if I’ll be busting my ass for a good three days. I’ll be back on Thursday evening, several shades darker — which I’m none too pleased about — hopefully a little thinner from the lack of time to sit around and snack, and maybe sans one unwelcome traveller, whose presence Sophia has entrusted the task of exterminating to Becca and me (alright, not really; we just don’t want this one coming along).

Don’t miss me too much. I’ll be thinking of you. À bientôt!

2 thoughts on “Off to Tioman!

    1. backstagepiphany

      yeah it’s a good vacation spot. the weather was amazing, sunny all day and breezy at night. and the water is gorgeous.


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