Monthly Archives: November 2012

The movie in my mind

This is exactly what, in my mind, I am doing every minute of every day.


It goes without saying that I plan to stop doing this soon. Very, very soon.

Four more years

I’ve always been surprised by how closely I’ve followed American politics ever since I moved back to Malaysia. I think it comes from knowing how deeply American politics affect the world, or from missing that chapter of my life so much that it hurts sometimes. Or maybe, it comes from my eternal love for an underdog, which was what Barack Obama was when he first began campaigning for the 2008 Elections.

Besides being one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen, Obama embodies a kindness and compassion that so many leaders today lack (or don’t realize they actually need). And while the world may berate him for not fixing their problems overnight, what the world may not know is how much character it takes for someone to be in position and make a difference.

So congratulations, President Obama, and well done, America. I wish with all my heart I could be there with you.


The treat is in the trick

Becca showed me the second of these videos yesterday, and I have to post them here because I could not for the life of me believe what I was seeing.



Now, I get that from the ages three to eight there are few things worth living for besides a stash of candy begged off people’s doorsteps on Halloween night. But that is NO EXCUSE for these children to scream, cry, flail limbs, throw things or beat their mothers, as it were, just because they think they have been deprived of the sweets and calories some of them clearly do not need (see the 2:18 mark in the first video).

That said, some of them did seem quite docile about it, like the last four children in the second video. The rest I just want to beat against a wall. Repeatedly.