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A thousand more


I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

A Thousand Years, Christina Perri –

I was asked to sing at a wedding in September. The groom, who is the son of a friend of my mother’s, asked if I could sing this song,, but also took care to ask me not to divulge that it was his idea, because the song is from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. I’ve always liked this song, but I only started listening to it carefully after he requested it.

As much as I understand that this song is really and truly for those who are madly — or blindly, if you like — in love and are certain that they have found their Ones, something about it struck a chord in my system. I’m pretty sure it had to do with only those four lines, because the rest of the song doesn’t apply to me, but the four lines sum up exactly how I’ve felt for so long.

It isn’t that we’ve waited forever for this one particular person to waltz into our lives and make them worth living. It isn’t that after what feels like a thousand years, we’ve finally found The One — or at least the one person who makes us feel as though, for once, we’re not too young to know any better.

It’s simply that even after all this time — the thousand proverbial years — of waiting, hoping, dreaming for something that might never be ours, there is still something that makes us hold on. That makes us wait, hope and dream for another thousand proverbial years, because if we’ve come this far, going on even further doesn’t seem that difficult anymore.

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Going out of business Spice-style

So the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games have come and gone, and frankly, after spending most of my day putting together a report on the closing ceremony in order to make it for tomorrow’s print deadline, there really is nothing more that I want or can think of to say about it.

I do, however, want to post this video here, because as far as I’m concerned, it was the best part of the closing ceremony:


Yes, the Spice Girls. So help me, I think I will forever and ever be a ’90s pop fan.

It has been said that the London 2012 closing ceremony was the last time the girls would perform together as a five-piece group, and as much I loved their performance, I have to say that I do hope the rumors are true. These are five women who have grown up and crossed that threshold of needing to be famous and catering to the bubblegum-pop scene of the ’90s, and to do the exact same thing now, 14 years later, is the equivalent to running around the stage wearing nothing but Going Out Of Business sandwich boards.

Especially when Victoria Beckham can still only stand and pose with one leg sticking out and still only ever have that single, glum expression on her face. And when the Melanies Brown and Chisholm are still the only ones who look like they’re making an effort to give the best performance they possibly can.

On a whole, the group still has its appeal, and last night’s performance definitely sent everyone who was born in the ’80s — myself included, as they were the very first music act since Michael Jackson that I became adolescently obsessed with — into an euphoric sense of nostalgia. But looking at how they have grown — while not really appearing to have grown at all — in their own separate ways, it really may be time to go out of business.

But for old times’ sake… Girl power!